6 Best Bitcoin Wallets for Storing BTC

Investing in Bitcoin is considered the best move you can ever make. Nowadays, more people around the world are showing interest in digital currencies. This has even caused their price to surge at the beginning of 2021. This is because Tesla is one of the most valuable companies in the world which has made $1,5 billion investment in bitcoin and the market-moving tweets by Tesla’s Elon Musk have caught attention of many investors. In fact, most analysts believe that the future price of Bitcoin will go on increasing and they also consider Bitcoin as one of the top cryptocurrencies to invest in 2021. There are several ways that people can earn cryptocurrencies. However, mining and trading require good skills and time. Crypto lottery is one of the easiest methods to make money from cryptocurrencies. Gamblers can try P2E crypto games to make money.

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Similar to most valuable commodities, the overall value of Bitcoin is determined by how safe and secure your Bitcoin storage is. In this blog, you will learn the top 6 bitcoin apps and wallets for storing your bitcoin safely. If you’re interested in learning more about Bitcoin wallets, visit the crypto wallets 2022 blog, which offers a list of the best bitcoin wallets to check for when selecting a wallet. Once you go through it you will be able to choose the top-tier platform for keeping and managing your decentralized digital currency.

  • Exodus – This simple and easy-to-use wallet is ideal for beginners. It was initially designed for desktops, however, now a mobile app version is available that works well on both Android and iOS. It comes with a beginner-friendly design and has an attractive user interface. This user-friendly digital wallet has an outstanding service team that helps first-time users adopt new software.   In fact, Exodus is capable of turning your digital currencies into a portfolio with graphs and charts. One of the main advantages of this hot bitcoin wallet is that it can seamlessly integrate with a cold wallet, like the Trezor. 
  • Wasabi – This wallet allows investors to store, manage, and transact bitcoin in a more anonymous environment. With Wasabi, you can have a peace of mind that no third party will freeze or make you lose your funds. It comes with a personal private key and validation feature that facilitate communication with a central server anonymously through the Tor browser and the Bitcoin P2P network.  This digital wallet prevents attackers or Internet service providers from linking your crypto transactions to your IP address by letting you set up and use Tor as a proxy. Thus, without any doubt, we can say that this wallet is a perfect option for those who give more importance to privacy. 
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  • Electrum – This software wallet is one of the earliest Bitcoin wallets that have superior privacy features. It lets you decide on the level of protection you want to have. It is mainly used in cold storage mode. 
  • Ledger Nano – It has the appearance of a standard USB flash and can be connected to your mobile phone or laptop to access your digital holdings. This digital wallet allows you to check the balance and execute basic Bitcoin operations. It is a user-friendly storage device that offers safe Bitcoin storage for a fair price.
  • MyCelium– This mobile-only wallet was first released as an Android app and was later switched to IOS. It has a simple and uncluttered interface and comes with easy-to-read tabs. It lets you see the current Bitcoin exchange rate and also send and receive buttons along with a QR code. In order to keep your coins secure in this wallet, you have to back up your private key in the accounts tab.  
  • Trezor – This high-security cold wallet works in the same way as Ledger Nano but offers you an additional feature to access third-party crypto exchanges directly from your device. In fact, Trezor’s latest Model T comes with a touchscreen that lets you input the PIN and passphrase on the hardware.

Conclusion  Even though these are the best Bitcoin wallets available now in the market for storing Bitcoins, still you need to consider so many things when choosing the Bitcoin wallet for your need.